Over the years, INDICON has been hosted in different cities of India by various IEEE Sections. The first INDICON was organized by IEEE Kharagpur Section at IIT Kharagpur during 2004. Subsequent INDICON conferences were organized by IEEE Madras Section (2005), IEEE Delhi Section (2006), IEEE Bangalore Section (2007), IEEE UP Section (2008), IEEE Gujarat Section (2009), IEEE Calcutta Section (2010), IEEE Hyderabad Section (2011), IEEE Kerala Section (2012), IEEE Bombay Section (2013), IEEE Pune Section (2014), IEEE Delhi Section (2015).

This year, IEEE INDICON 2016 will be hosted in Bengaluru by IEEE Bangalore Section.


    • Hello, the conference will be held at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru (as mentioned in the header of the conference website now). Please keep checking the website regularly for more updates regarding the conference.

    • There has been no decision made yet regarding tutorials and concession for authors. Please keep checking the website for more updates.

    • Yes, the details of the authors can be provided while submitting the paper for review, in the respective fields provided in the paper submission page.

    • The accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore as part of the conference proceedings. Other details about the conference proceedings will be finalised after papers’ reviews are done.

  1. Is the review process is blind? Do we need to put the author details in the manuscript while submitting it for review?

    • Posters are also to be submitted in the form of a paper. While submitting manuscripts for review via EasyChair the authors should select the track in which the manuscript is submitted. This is to ensure that the manuscript is reviewed in the correct track. Please check http://www.indicon2016.in/paper-submission/ for more details.

      P.S. Note that accepted posters will not be published in IEEE Xplore.

  2. “The posters are not be included in the IEEE Xplore”. Though this information is not available in conference website, we got this from call for papers from IEEE. please help us in this regard.

    • Accepted posters will not be published in IEEE Xplore. The same information has been updated in the CFP page in the website.

  3. I have two questions:
    1) Nothing is mentioned about the nature of review: blind or not?
    Please let us know whether the manuscript submitted in easy chair contain authors’ details or not.
    2) A single author registration (IEEE Student member) will cover how many papers??

    • 1. The review process for INDICON 2016 is single-blind – so please include authors’ details in the manuscript while submitting for review.
      2. One registration will cover two accepted papers by the same registering author.

    • Hello, please feel free to submit comprehensive review papers if the review papers provide new and interesting insights or patterns in the existing literature that can help improve research in the corresponding field.

  4. NOTE: One registration by an author will cover up to TWO accepted papers by the same registering author…..

    Kindly tell me the meaning of this Note.

    • Hello, once a paper is accepted for presentation, one of the authors has to register in order to present the work at INDICON 2016. If another paper by this registering author is also accepted, then the registration done for the first paper will cover the second accepted paper as well. The only criterion is that both the papers should contain at least one common author and this common author should register.

    • Hello, INDICON 2016 committee is in the process of deciding the extension of deadline. As of now, no decision has been made, but there is a fair chance of the deadline getting extended. Please keep checking the website for updates.

  5. Hello,
    My Co-author is presently not working and not associated with any organization. Is is it ok if we add only name and email id for the co-author? Thank you.

  6. Dear sir/mam,
    Suppose I have 4 papers to submit to the conference and hopefully all of them get accepted. Is it enough if I do the registration TWICE (double the amount)? Also I would be the presenter for all the papers.

    • Hi, Yes that is correct. The only criterion is that if you are the registering author for one of the accepted papers, you have to be a common author in all the accepted papers.

  7. hello admin,
    I mailed my query on 14th July 2016, till now no one has responded to my mail. In “contact us” page only email is provided.
    Please provide an alternate means to contact you ( phone number,..).

    • Hello,
      We received your email and responded back today morning. Due to the high volume of emails received, it took 2-3 working days to respond back. Your query has been forwarded to the technical committee and will be responded to before the end of the week by email.

  8. Hello admin
    Will there be any further extension of the deadline for paper submission from the current deadline of 31st July?

    • Hello, There will be a final update on 31-July-2016 regarding the extension/non-extension of the deadline. No decision has been made yet.

    • Hello, There will be a final update on 31-July-2016 regarding the extension/non-extension of the deadline. No decision has been made yet.

    • Hello, once the registration opens, we will put up a list of hotels where the attending authors can book for accommodation.

  9. Hi,
    Is there any way of extending the submission date. I just came across this conference and much interested in submitting two of my papers.

    • Hello, There will be a final update on 31-July-2016 regarding the extension/non-extension of the deadline. No decision has been made yet.

  10. Hello,

    In case we got two papers accepted in the conference and want to pay the fee under IEEE student member, then Rs. 4000 will be the fee or something else?

    In case a single author pay the registration fee (4000) for both the papers and two papers are presented by two different authors, then is it possible to avail the registration slips of 2000 each in the name of presenters/all authors/paper name. Because our institute pays travel allowance and stay charges only if the registration fee slip and presentation certificate is with the name of presenter/traveler himself.

    Clarification on the above mentioned issues will be highly appreciated.

    • Hello,
      One registration by an author will cover up to 2 accepted papers by the registering author. The registering fee for a student IEEE member is INR 4000 till Oct 15, 2016. Please see http://www.indicon2016.in/registration/ for more details. The receipt will be given only in the name of the registering author. Other co-authors, if they wish to attend the conference, should make a separate registration as an attendee.

  11. Dear sir
    some simulation results are to be completed . I will complete it positively by sunday. can I submit the paper on monday

    • Hello, there is no pre-determined number, it depends on the number and quality of received submissions. Please note that manuscripts accepted as posters will not be published in IEEE Xplore. Manuscripts accepted as papers will be published in IEEE Xplore, provided the paper is presented at the conference in person by the author.

      • Posters will not be published in IEEE? But the submission for paper and poster is same. What we observed in previous editions of INDICON is, some of the accepted submissions are listed to be presented as posters due to time limit in schedules. However, all the accepted submissions are published in IEEExplore. Strange to see this new regulation this time.

    • Hello, it depends on the severity of the typing error. The onus is on the authors to proof-read their manuscripts and run spell-check to make sure that there are no typing mistakes.

  12. Dear sir , I want to publish my research paper in INDICON-2016 which is on 16-18 dec 2016.but there is one problem my paper is already published by IJSRD journal which is fake. But at that time i did’n know that is fake journal.so for same paper am i eligible for this conference????? please give me suggestion,because sir there are no. national and international journal which are for just earning money. I did hard work for this research and i didn’t want to publish it in any fake general.so pleas give me suggestion regarding to this and give positive response for publishing my paper in INDICON-2016 conference. thank you

    • Please refrain from submitting papers to INDICON 2016 that were already published in some other venue. Such submissions will not be entertained.

  13. Dear Sir,

    It will be nice if the authors will be informed about the acceptance as poster prior to registration. So that the authors can decide to withdraw the paper. Otherwise it will be looking odd declaring as poster after the registration.


  14. Is there any possibility to update the paper with hardware results?I am asking becoz
    acceptance notification extended to october 24.

  15. Dear Sir,

    Kindly clarify whether you will inform the acceptance as poster before the resistrartion. I think knowingly you are creating confusion. It is known to everybody that resistartion link will open after acceptance notification. So your reply does not carry any meaning. I am asking about the poster presentation because one may not prefer to register for a poster presentation which will not be included in the IEEE explorer. In that situation it is required that an author should be clear about the acceptance as poster before registartion.

    With regards

    • Dear Debashisha,
      There is no deliberate attempt at confusing the authors, we apologise for any confusion caused. When acceptance notification goes out, there will be a clear mention of whether the manuscript is accepted as a paper or as a poster – you will be able to make an informed decision whether or not to register.

      Best Regards.

  16. I have a query regarding the registration. In the web site it is shown that the early bird registration date is on October 15th. Since the paper acceptance notification is moved to October 24th, the early bird registration is also changed?

    • Thank you for pointing this out to us. We will update this date in a couple of days. Most probably, it will be 05-Nov-2016 (or some later date). Please check the registration page in a couple of days for an updated date.

  17. Sir,
    Initially u told us that posters are not publish in IEEE explore. But right now site showing that posters can publish in explore. please clarify it.

    • Hello, yes all accepted papers as well as posters that are registered AND presented at INDICON 2016 will be sent for publication in IEEE Xplore.

  18. Sir i want to know that are you going to provide accommodation facilities for participans…if yes then how to apply for accommodation facilities?

    • The list of accepted papers/posters is put up on the website. The email notifications for all submissions (accepted and otherwise) will be sent out today (02-Nov) and tomorrow (03-Nov).

  19. Hi,
    In the IEEE copyright form, the third field says “IEEE PUBLICATION TITLE (Journal, Magazine, Conference, Book)”. Should this be filled as “Conference” or “Conference INDICON-2016”

  20. On the registration page, use of discount coupon is allowed. Could you please let us know what kind of discount coupons can be availed?

  21. We have uploaded the IEEE Xplore®-compatible PDF to INDICON 2016 via EasyChair. But the copyright notice at the bottom of the first page was left aligned. Hope this is acceptable.

  22. Copyright notice at the bottom of the first page was left aligned.Could you please let us know whether this is acceptable.waiting for answer.

  23. Kindly provide the information regarding the avaiable accomadation near IISc Bangalore (eg. Hotels,Guest houses, Hostels) with details regarding avaiable facilities and cost. This will help the participants to book their accomadation without any delay.

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